Left Brain Hosting’s remedy upon default - TERMINATION.

In addition to all rights and remedies granted to Left Brain Hosting in this Terms of Service Agreement (including, but not limited to, the right to charge and collect late charges), upon the occurrence of an event of default, Left Brain Hosting shall have the right (a) to cease providing the services to customer without notice to customer, (b) upon not less than one (1) business days written notice to customer, to terminate the hosting services, all at customer’s cost and expense. Upon such termination, customer agrees to and shall immediately pay to Left Brain Hosting all fees and other amounts due and owing for services provided through and including the effective date of termination.

Cancellation Procedure:

Valid proof of account ownership will be required to terminate an account. This includes, but is not limited to, the billing password or an account passphrase created by customers. Non-secure information, such as the contact email address or account billing address, is not sufficient as a security verification. The month-to-month agreement for services is automatically renewed each month in perpetuity subject to written cancellation via help desk ticket or email sent to billing@leftbrainhosting.net (email subject to valid proof of account ownership). Left Brain Hosting is not able to schedule cancellation requests. Customer is responsible for any fees incur for Services to customer if no formal cancellation request is submitted.

Parked Domain Names: There is a one-time fee of $15 for parking additional domain names above the ones included in the package choosen. This fee is nonrefundable.

Add-on Domain Names: Additional domains that point to a sub folder (Virtual Domains) are $5 per domain per month. This is a nonrefundable fee.

Domain Name Transfers: Left Brain Hosting shall not be held responsible for domain transfers. The account holder is responsible for completing any necessary domain name transfers. We provide the tools and support for the process, but the final responsibility is the account holder's.

Payment for subsequent certificate renewal is the sole responsibility of the customer and must be made in advance prior to certificate renewal. Please contact billing@leftbrainhosting.net for renewal requests.

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