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If you see anything unusual, then the answer is: maybe... but the probability of being hacked is high. Websites aren't began acting weird withouth reason.
Here are some signs of being hacked, see if any of the following signs apply to you:
  • Automatic redirects to other pages
  • Strange content or links on your website
  • When opening page on the website, the browser asks for permission to download a plugin
  • You cannot login to your Joomla backend anymore
  • Your pages and posts have been deleted. This indicates that the database was hacked
  • Your website has been sandboxed by search engines
  • Your webpages are displaying database errors
  • You see a ‘file not found’ error when trying to access a webpage. This may be due to a page being deleted
  • When checking the source code, you see some strange JavaScript
  • You see some extra files in your website directories
  • Your template files have been recently modified (index.php, .htaccess, etc...)
Having a hacked site in your account can lead to your account being suspended, see this part of our Terms of Service agreement.
Don't panic, hire a specialist. Or, choose one of our Security Packages.

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