I received a Customer Invoice. How I pay it? Print

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The default way

In the email you should find 2 important things:

  1. A link to the invoice on the server
  2. A PDF file containing the invoice

The easiest and fastest method to do the payment is by clicking on the PayPal logo on the top right of the live invoice - or the one in the PDF file. To access the live invoice you need to be logged in!
If you have problems logging in, please, contact us. The rule of thumb is that your username is the email address where you received the invoice, and the password is the same as the one used to access your hosting account.
Clicking on the link leads you to the PayPal site, with all key details passed to PayPal, and you can do the payment byt logging into your PayPal account - if you have one - or by using your credit/debit card.
The transaction will be passed back to our server and processed - all automatically.

The "Simplified Payment"

The second solution is to use our Simplified Payment page. Here you enter the invoiced amount in the textbox, choose your preferred currency (US Dollars is preselected) and click on PayPal button below.
In this case the payment in the billing portal will be processed manually - not instantly and automatically as in the first case, so might be a delay between the time you leaved the PayPal site and you receive the second confirmation mai (after the PayPal confirmation) wich will confirm the acknowledgment of the payment.

Paying directly via PayPal

Alternatively you can go directly to PayPal and pay to billing@leftbrainhosting.net the amount you was invoiced for. In this case the payment will be processed manually - so wont' show up insstantly in our records.
Alternatively, you can contact us directly for the available payment methods.
You can use also your account functions. By logging in, you can access all your payment related informations, past and recent invoices, their actual state, you can download them in PDF payment, and, naturally, you can pay the invoices of your choice.
Either case, when the payment will be registered in the system, you will receive an automated email confitming the received payment.

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