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Why choose Joomla?

Joomla has very quickly become one of the most used CMSs out there and rightly so. It provides with some core features and functionalities that are critical for a good CMS to have.

  1. Easy administration
    The whole point of a CMS is to make content publishing and managing easy for you. If the CMS does not feature an intuitive administrative tool it defeats the point. Joomla luckily does have the ability to administer various things right from the dashboard. Making the administration for your website very easy. You do not need to thus waste time on mundane administrative duties which hold up other productive work.
  1. Extensive content management features
    As your website grows larger and larger over time it will get quite cumbersome to manage all the content on the website seamlessly. It might take time and human labor hours to manage the content on your website. Here is where Joomla really show its edge. It was built function as a content manager from day one and it does well. There are many options and dozens of interfaces you can choose from. It lets you organize, create, sort and display the content on your site the way you want making it look easy and professional.
    So if your website has a large amount of content with lots of pages and large complex navigation structures, with the help of Joomla’s content management features you can easily manage such a site.
  1. Standardized Interface
    You would want a CMS that is consistent in the way it works and user’s interaction with it follows a set standard. This helps in two ways. Firstly, it makes it easier for you to learn how to manage and publish content on your website. Because once you have learned to operate thing you can apply this some something else as it will closely follow the process because it has been standardized.
    Secondly, it allows the foundations of the CMS to be more stable and consistent. New extensions do not need to be re-learned all over again. It will work almost the same way it did with other extensions. Which brings us to our next point.
  2. A robust list of extensions
    Besides the core functionalities of Joomla, you install extensions to further increase the functionality. There are thousands of free extensions for Joomla and some paid ones. You can add extensions from different categories such as photos and media, social web etc.
    There are also custom layout and template that you can use to customize the look of your website and add more functionality too upon your websites core functionalities and make it more intuitive and feature packed.
  3. Search engine optimized
    With so many websites being launched nowadays it is very easy for your website to get lost in the crowd. A simple search of any phrase comes up with thousands of hits on google. To cut through the noise Joomla comes with capable search engine optimization (SEO) features like metadata, keywords so that your site is displayed earlier for search queries.

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