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When designing and maintaining your web content through a content management system (CMS) like Joomla or WordPress, it's easy to see the benefits of such a platform. Easy design, and website administration remove a lot of the technical knowledge required when it comes to building a website.

Although these platforms make it easier to publish web content for even casual users, lack of knowledge for basic programming and security can open your site up to attacks from hackers and malware.

If hackers can gain control of the content management system, it's easy for them to modify your site and gain access to sensitive information.

Although CMS platforms are generally pretty safe, out of date CMS programs are attacked through vulnerabilities in the code. 

While coding professionals are well aware of the impact outdated content management systems can have on a site, these CMS's make website design a lot more accessible to the average joe. These non-coders still need to understand the importance of backing up a site and keeping versions up to date.

Because many Joomla operators use third party extensions to increase the functionality of their site, these additional tools also offer an avenue for malicious attacks. The same applies for ALL CMS'es, including WordPress. The public perception, that one or another CMS is safer than others is oftan give a false sense of safety for the respective website owners. Don't fall in this trap!!

Additionally, it's important to recognize that due to the popularity of this management platform, CMS's become a prime target for hacking. Hackers will find flaws and share the vulnerabilities with their communities, leading to some seriously dangerous exposure.

Employing a quality service dedicated to identifying holes in your Joomla security, as well as keeping your site up to date, takes a lot of the hassle out of constantly maintaining your site. You can rest assured that the security of your site is in safe hands and will be protected from the ever evolving field of malware and hacking.

This only emphasizes the need to keep your site software up to date to avoid chances to be hacked.

If you don't have time or expertise to do the right choices, contact us to get a free audit and offer for protecting your website,

If the things have gone already awry, then the best thing you can do is to seek for professional help!

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